Investment and Funding

Money to invest?


In today’s economic climate, it can be very frustrating to leave your cash languishing in the bank or in poorly performing ISAs or shares; It’s fairly common knowledge that the bank is no longer the best place to leave money. Let’s face it, it might not even be the safest place any more evidenced by what happened in the last financial crash in 2010. Property investments have long been a great asset, outperforming most mainstream investments over the past century and certainly this has been the case over the last 25 years in the UK. It has been a great way of using your savings to get a decent returns either to use for later life or just for some indulgences as you choose.

We like to think we are pretty good with other people’s money, certainly we have a 100% track record to date in delivering the cash returns from investments providing a much higher return than the banks or other investment vehicles.

Generally we offer 8-10% return on your investment (circumstances dependent) on loans between £50K and £1M and this would always be secured against a tangible asset. We would also insist the investor used their own legal representative the costs of which we would cover. 

For smaller investments below £50K we would offer Personal Guarantee whilst also still covering the investors legal fees.

You can gain cash flow with monthly interest payments returns or wait for a lump sum at the end of the investment period.

If your interested then don’t be shy and give us a call. If nothing else and you are new to investing,  you’ll get some great advice suing real examples.