Cumber Lane Property Development Wilmslow

Set back off cumber lane in a much favoured south Wilmslow address, a collection of four attractive contemporary styled new-build semi-detached homes constructed through our development company ‘Cumber Lane Partnerships’.

This site was originally a bungalow, which we purchased through a normal sale from a local estate agent.

The seller agreed to wait until we had planning permission confirmed for four houses and then we agreed to purchase the site at a cost of £950K (plus SDLT of £57K).

While taking a little bit longer than we had originally planned to bring to the market we are very pleased with the final product. For those interested in the numbers they are broadly set out below. Always happy to discuss the finer detail of the funding should the reader be interested.


Purchase Price      £950K

SDLT                     £57K

Total                      £1.057M


Professional Fees   £60K

Finance Costs        £100K

Build Costs             £800K    

Total                       £960K


Sales/Marketing     £25K

Shared Costs         £25K

Total                       £50K


Total Development Costs        £2.067M

Total Development Value        £2.7M