About Regan Properties

Regan Properties have a wealth of experience as property developers and have been building homes within the Cheshire’s Golden Triangle for the last twenty-five years with a reputation for distinction.

Family Business

Regan Properties is a local, family-run business many of whom were born and raised in Wilmslow.

We Live Locally

The company’s directors continue to live in Wilmslow with their children attending local schools and are proud to be part of community life.

Contemporary Homes

Proud to be providing quality, stylish, contemporary homes for future generations in Wilmslow.

Our Story

Building homes of distinction for over 25 years.

Dedicated to continuous learning to provide homes with the latest technological development, coupled with the highest standards of quality, innovation, design, construction, and style for today and future generations.

  • New Builds 90% 90%
  • Buy to Let 60% 60%
  • Mentoring 50% 50%
  • Investing 75% 75%

Completed Developments

Cumber Lane

Set back off cumber lane in a much favoured south Wilmslow address, a collection of four attractive contemporary styled new-build semi-detached homes constructed through our development company ‘Cumber Lane Partnerships’.

118 Gravel Road

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